Loving The Doux: How a Hip-Hop Inspired Brand is Making Haircare Fun Again

by beauty expert

Ever since Biblical times, women (and men) have taken pride
in their hair with hairstyles often seen as a reflection of status, personality,
and culture. Even during the worst years of the recession, research shows that
the two categories that are immune to economic loss are alcohol sales and
beauty expenditures (hair, makeup, and nails).

In recent years, the market has become increasingly
saturated with a wealth of products aimed at all hair types- from straight to
wavy to textured to combinations in between. Yet one line has been steadily
standing out from the pack due to its bright, bold containers- and reputation
for quality ingredients and amazing results.

The Doux’s hip-hop inspired product line includes award-winning items named after some of the genre’s most famous songs, albums, and artists such as BONITA AFRO BALM, ONE LOVE Co-wash, C.R.E.A.M Twist and Curl Cream, GOOD DAY Finishing Cream, Swag Goo Edge Control Gel, FRESH RINSE conditioner, and the Mousse Def Texture Foam.

The brand, which was founded in 1994, continues to be a favorite amongst salon professionals due to its versatility and a favorite amongst consumers due to its quality as well as the line’s vibrant pop art packaging that communicates positivity, versatility, and inclusion. It’s also been featured in major media outlets such as Elle, Essence, Bustle, and more. When discussing his brand’s philosophy, founder Keith Murray says, “Natural hair shouldn’t be a battle between straight & curly. We don’t get into debates on what’s natural and what’s not. The Doux was formulated for performance & results for every texture, no matter how you like to wear it.”

The Doux is also one of the few hair lines that has managed to successfully appeal to both men and women and can be used in conjunction with other product lines as well.

As their website notes, “You can get with this, or you can get with that…”

But no matter what your style, the Doux hopes its users will
always be able to say “it was a good [hair] day.”

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