Telford woman launches online fundraising campaign to buy hand cream for NHS workers | Shropshire Star

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Laura Croudace has set the ‘Hand cream for our heroes’ fundraising page up on the gofundme website.

It has raised more than £270 in a couple of days, with more than a dozen people making donations so far.

A message posted by Laura on the fundraising page says: “My next door neighbour is Maria. She’s a hard working doctor delivering babies and looking after pregnant ladies in these testing times – I see her come in from work late and leave for work early.

“She never complains and is always smiling.

“When I heard the stories and saw the images of doctors and nurses, and their skin was cracked and bleeding from the washing and protective gear they are wearing, my heart sank.

“I will update this page with a copy of the invoice when I’ve ordered the hand cream and share photos when the nurses and doctors receive it.

“I’ve been a fundraiser for about 10 years after Birmingham Children’s Hospital helped save my disabled son from pneumonia when he was five, so these doctors are my heroes.

“Please join me in doing a tiny act of kindness. Let’s give them a helping hand.”

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