It Appears Trump Had a Major Makeup Mishap Today and Now He’s a Laughing Stock

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Long before Donald Trump decried investigations of his office over Twitter, a gentler query dogged the celebrity businessman: how does he maintain his infamous orange hue, even while residing in wintry D.C.?

It’s a question that persists into the third year of Trump’s tenure in the White House, and investigations of the matter have yielded surprising insight into the commander in chief’s styling habits.

The New York Times pursued the idea as a matter of Trump’s health, though a senior administration official only offered that Trump’s notable tan—in February, no less—is the result of “good genes.”

Further investigation revealed that neither tanning beds nor spray-tan booths exist within the White House or Air Force One, at least according to senior officials.

Former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman wrote in a tell-all book that Trump travels with a tanning bed, while lighter-hued circles around the president’s eyes have fueled speculation that he utilizes goggles to protect himself from ultraviolet rays.

Furthermore, neither bronzer nor tanning cream has been observed among Trump’s bathroom grooming products, at least when the president has offered a tour of the facilities to supporters. Trump, who suffers from rosacea, is reported to apply his own translucent makeup powder before television appearances, and has even adjusted the lighting at White House events to avoid appearing too orange on-screen. When possible, he prefers the natural light of the White House Rose Garden.

The president is famously self-sufficient when it comes to appearance, even detailing the elaborate process behind his signature swooping blond hair. And while an unnamed former campaign hand admitted Trump’s orange glow is “a captivating story,” they insisted Trump’s grooming habits are his own secret to keep.

But Trump’s makeup was a major point of conversation today after Trump gave a speech about the recent Iran missile attack against an American base in Iraq.

In addition to seeming high on Adderall, Trump also looked rather orange, with a large orange line where the makeup ended, and Twitter quickly called him out:

Republicans covered-up and hid Reagan’s Alzheimer’s from America.

Now we have a lying, dementia affected, tongue jutting, slurring, barely cognizant, propped-up, Adderall-drugged, dilated pupils Trump who can’t even apply his own makeup.

— Risky Liberal (@RiskyLiberal) January 8, 2020

So, can we talk for a moment about Trump’s awful makeup job?

He clearly does this himself, because he doesn’t trust anyone else to touch his face.

He missed a few spots today.#Presidementia

— JJ in the USA🗽 (@JJintheUS) January 8, 2020

Who is Trump blaming for the bad makeup job on his face?

— Richard W. (@IceManNYR) January 9, 2020

Who ever is in charge of trumps makeup should be fired😂 #TrumpSpeech

— 泰勒冬天 (@TylerWinters22) January 8, 2020

Trump needs to get a new mortician to do his makeup…

— Harbinger of Mundane (@Ant_F3ltz) January 8, 2020

Just for once, considering it’s a big occasion, couldn’t someone have a quick word with Trump about blending his makeup before he goes in front of the cameraa? This and the word salad, constant sniffling… the guy is an international laughing stock 🤡#F_ckfaceVonClownStick

— Yeah, I said it (@aalleyne) January 8, 2020

Trump is using this presser as a campaign ad. He’s having a tough time breathing as usual. And please someone tell his makeup girl to use a blender…

— KG Franklin#SaveUS🌊 (@kg_franklin) January 8, 2020

And this is far from Trump’s first time forgetting to use a blending sponge.

At a recent Christmas party, Trump showed an obvious makeup line that answered all questions…the dude is wearing makeup.

Look at this stupid fucking goon… Just look at him! Look at that ridiculous god damn clown makeup line running down the side of his head. What a ridiculous fucking jackass… No wonder world leaders laugh at him. Imagine having to stand next to this lumbering imbecile. #Trump

— Jonathan “Sade” Hansen (@HANSEN_SOGROOVY) December 21, 2019

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