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In light of the novel coronavirus outbreak, it’s become clear that the best way to stay clean and healthy is to simply keep up with good hygiene. That means washing your hands as often as you can, staying at home when you’re sick, and not touching your face — yes, stop that right now. But if you have been diligently washing your hands (kudos, by the way), then you’re going to need a great hand cream. Much as we’d like to feel squeaky clean and virus-free, it’s not so fun to have dry, cracking hands that look (and feel) like a piece of old tree bark. 

As a germaphobe who really, really doesn’t like how dry her hands feel, but can’t fight the urge to wash my hands pretty much every other hour, it’s been good for my mental health to hold a good pump of soap in one hand, and a great hand cream in the other. And the latter that I’m grabbing onto right now? Jurlique’s Rose Hand Cream, which is an all-star product that I’m buying just as often as hand soaps this month. It’s so luxurious it even counts Thandie Newton, the breakout star of HBO’s Westworld, as a fan according to Marie Claire, and you can grab it alongside two other scents in a bundle on Amazon now. 

It’s hard to find a hand cream that actually supplies plenty of hydration for hours without being so sticky or creamy that you leave a greasy hand print on your glass of water. Jurlique’s hand cream is one such miracle worker. The eco-conscious brand values purity above all else, and it shows in its ingredients list; all-natural safflower-seed oil, macadamia oil, and honey are just some of the high-hydration boosters that make up the rose hand cream’s formula. 

What really sets the brand apart, though, is the way it produces the floral extracts that make its hand creams smell out-of-this-world good. After steaming flowers to release essential oils, followed by a long distilling process, what’s left is nothing but the purest and best ingredients. I’m reminded of a bouquet of freshly picked garden roses every time I slather on Jurlique’s rose hand cream — the scent is delicate and enthralling without being all-encompassing, like a ballerina elegantly twirling around you. It’s so addictive that getting to indulge myself in this hand cream has become as compelling of a reason as germ-protection is to wash my hands. 

The brand, an Australian import, is still relatively below-the-radar, but you can find most of its products on Amazon now. If you’re not the biggest fan of roses, though, its lavender and citrus-scented versions are equally as fine and cost as low as $19. So go ahead, wash your hands to kill the germs, but put on this divine hand cream just to treat yourself. You deserve it. 

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

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